PASSION  // Being creative, learning from fellow craftsman and competing in every aspect of life 
PRIDE  // Winning 2 National Championships and being inducted into the CSU Lacrosse Hall of Fame  
PURPOSE  //  Motivating young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.
PALATE  //  39th Parallel Pear & Cinnamon Swagger


















Logistics Director


PASSION  // Golfing with friends and family, and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.
PRIDE  // Crafting and blending the finest and most refreshing finest teas in the world.
PURPOSE  //  To build a sustainable business from the ground up, that allows us to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Oh and bees.
PALATE  //  Orange Octane & Earl Grey Odyssey






















Client Relations

{ Queen Bee }

PASSION  // Cooking and entertaining for friends and family.
PRIDE  // Building lasting relationships and empowering woman in the community.
PURPOSE  //  Being the absolute best mother possible!
PALATE  //  39th Parallel Pear & Elegant Earl Grey

























Brand Manager


PASSION  // Freeskiing, breakdancing, hiking, photography & design. 
PRIDE  // Mentoring youth to discover their vehicles of expression, empowerment and self-improvement.  Each one teach one.
PURPOSE  //  Inspire others to embrace the power of creativity and apply it through artistic mediums and self-expression!    
PALATE  //  Peg Leg Pineapple & Empower Mint