At TEAKOE,  our motivation is simple…
It’s about PASSION for the craft, being AMERICAN-MADE and creating goods for others to enjoy.    It’s about PRIDE in what we do each and every day,   from sleepless nights to the daily grind and all the crazy ideas along the way.  It’s about pursuing a greater PURPOSE to leave this place better than when we came. Our obsession is tea and we believe it’s the best tasting tea you’ll ever experience.    We hope you enjoy drinking Teakoe as much as we love creating it.  CHEERS!


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Mythology Distillery x Teakoe Tea Unleash the Chatter Wolf Slopeside Vodka

March 05, 2019

We are proud and honored to announce the release of our Colorado Crafters Collaboration with Mythology Distillery! Combining the seasonal flavors of Slopeside Spiced Plum with Mythology's Chatter Wolf Rye Vodka we've created something very special and rare.