TEAKOE Donates Fizzy Tea To Support Local Front Line & Essential Workers

TEAKOE gives back to the Colorado community of frontline and essential workers by partnering with local organizations to distribute 375+ cases of Pineapple Lemon Myrtle Yerba Maté during COVID-19 response saying "Cheers! To Those Making a Difference."

Founder, Pete Jokisch, said they partnered with a variety of groups to distribute to as many impacted workers as possible.  Organizations include non-profit Frontline Foods (hospital and essential workers), Fuel Denver Frontlines (hospital workers), IndyCard (food & bev industry workers), HotSchedules (firefighters) and Denver Metro Emergency Food Network (volunteers) to all help deliver cans to the appropriate hands.

“Our company’s origins are deeply rooted in the foodservice industry, the core of our business has been significantly impacted, so we wanted to do anything we could to lift spirits and ensure healthy beverages were available for our frontline and essential friends,” he said. 


TEAKOE’s facility has the ability to blend, brew and can all in-house providing maximum flexibility to manage their production needs.  A donation batch valued at approximately $10,000 was conceived and out the door in less than 2-weeks with custom packaging.

“We are fortunate to have the ability to brew product on-demand for unique and special causes like this and are already discussing a regular program to donate our canned fizzy teas on a quarterly basis,” Jokisch said.

They also partnered with Stickergiant, a local label printer, to help support the #ColoradoStrong project promoting Colorado producers.  Pete was recently interviewed on their podcast ‘Stickers on the Mic’ to share more about their donation efforts and company history.

We'd love for you to listen! 

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