Pete's Tale of the Cocktail

Imagine your chillin in "The Big Easy" sippin on a refreshing Crown Royal cocktail infused with Teakoe Iced Tea, taking in the complexities of each blend while exploring new pastures of your palette. Sounds unbelievable right...? Well for me it was too because I never imagined Teakoe teaming up with the likes of Crown Royal nor myself presenting alongside a true Master of Whisky at the coveted Tales of the Cocktail annual gathering.

The event was "High Tea with the Monarch" and Robert Sickler (MOW) wanted to put on a show for the people in Nawlins. Celebrating the launch of CR's newest whisky, Monarch, Robert wanted to pay homage to their regal roots by mixing two of the royal families favorite beverages, tea and whisky!


But why create only one cocktail when you can create six? And, why not include six of Denver’s finest mixologists to craft our tea cocktails?   Well, that’s exactly what we did! Each mixologist was given the challenge of mixing one of six different types of Crown Royal with any of our Teakoe blends.   We saw everything from syrups and tinctures to concentrates and infusions extracted from our various exotic teas.

The response was overwhelming with nearly 400 spirit enthusiasts attending, all enjoying the complexities of each beverage while experiencing High Tea with the Monarch. As a parting gift, and one more way to show the versatility of tea and whisky, we collaborated with Denver’s own Leaf & Crumb to bake a custom short bread Earl Grey Cookie as a take home to nibble on. We hope this event and many more to come will change the way people view tea.


Special thanks to:

    • Robert Sickler and the Crown Royal Team
    • Jennifer Noelani Akina // Leaf & Crumb
    • Stuart Jensen // Mercantile Provisions
    • Michael Cerretani // Sessions Kitchen
    • Nicole Morrice // Living Room
    • Bryan Dayton // Acorn & Oak
    • Jessica Fasy // Sqeaky Bean & Punch Bowl Social
    • Tacy Rowland // BOL Vail

It was an innovative and memorable experience and I look forward to the next.


- Pete


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