TEAKOE Nominated TOP 100 Colorado Manufacturer


It’s truly an honor to be nominated and recognized as one of the TOP 100 Colorado manufacturers by Colorado Biz Magazine. 

Our journey, 10 years young, wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our amazing teammates, families, friends and local community that unified for the love of tea! THANK YOU!

We've progressed from hand blending small batches of loose leaf tea in a basement to now brewing refined formulations of those same profiles in barrels for Ready-To-Drink enjoyment.

To say we knew this was the path wouldn’t be honest, rather we slept less, put our heads down and grinded through ups and downs facing new challenges every step of the way to keep the dream alive.

In early 2017 we discovered a raw warehouse suitable to foster the vision and we went to WORK. It took a 1-1/2 years to get the space integrated, coded and built out to support all the layers of manufacturing. 

FROM: Sourcing > Formulation > Blending > Packing > Brewing > Canning > Fulfillment

+ In-House Creative, Marketing & Sales

We take pride in quality and put our fingerprint on each aspect to ensure it deserves the stamp of TEAKOE.

2020 ahead, we’re excited to continue the journey and can’t wait to announce what’s coming next! Stay tuned ... 



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