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5280 Magazine 2018 Gift Guide Feature - Trailhead Chai

Photos by Kiran Herbert.

Few things get folks in the holiday mood like a warm beverage, especially one spiced with clove, allspice, and cardamom. Denver-based Teakoe’s line of loose leaf teas, called “Trailhead Chai,” offers something for everyone in your workplace, whether the recipient prefers sipping caffeine-free (the “zesty and peppery” Outpost Orange Spice), wants a cup that’s rich and aromatic (smoky Fireside White Chocolate), or something sweet and slightly indulgent (the peppermint and dark chocolate-flavored Happy Camper Cocoa). Add a nip of whiskey to the Horizon Hot Ginger—a bright blend of green tea chai, popped rice, and chile pepper—and transition the vibe from workday to holiday happy hour. - by Kiran Herbert | 5280 Magazine.



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